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It could have been (a lot will argue it SHOULD have been) a game between the Old Masters, Brees and Brady. It could have been (a lot wish it WOULD have been) a battle between arguably the two most promising young QBs in the league in the Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes and the Rams’ Jared Goff. Instead, we have the intriguing match-up of Young Gun Goff and Old Jedi Brady. And it is not only the quarterback position that pits the proven against the precocious. The Old Salty Warrior Belichick – going to his NINTH Superbowl with The Most Despised Superstar in History under center – is up against Sean McVay, literally the youngest Superbowl coach in history. In fact, the day of this writing (January 24th) is his 33rd birthday!


So, what is there to expect in this custom-made contest of old school versus new upstarts? The Patriots seem to be a solid favorite in public opinion polling, but the Las Vegas odds-makers have them only a slight favorite with the spread at less than a field goal. And why should it not be close? The Patriots at 11-5 during the regular season have the most losses during their amazing run of conference championships. The Rams have an offense that when dialed up to full notch looked nearly unstoppable at points this season. Conceivably, either one of these teams could jump on the other quickly and never look back. Their offenses are both great. It’s probably going to come down to which defense steps up a bit more than the opposition’s.


The Patriots’ winning tradition should be put it in perspective. Their domination since 2001 surpasses the great Steelers teams of the 1970s and the 49ers of the 1980s.  It is twice as long a run as those dynasties.  As far as dominating their game in ANY sport, they are only rivaled now by legendary historical streaks like the UConn women’s hoops; the UCLA b-ball teams under John Wooden and the Celtics led by Red Auerbach and Bill Russell; the Yankees’ various decades-long mastery of a couple eras; maybe the Edmonton Oilers behind Wayne Gretzky; the Atlanta Braves with 14 straight divisional titles (but only one World Series!); perhaps Serena Williams in tennis; Jack Nicolaus or Tiger’s domination of golf during their heyday. Truly amazing. But Rams’ fans can find hope in knowing that the Pats have shown (as recently as last year) that if there is a time that they can be beaten, it’s in the final contest of the season.


The game comes full circle – the Pats beat the Rams back in Brady and Belichick’s first SB together 17 long years ago. Could they win and ride off into the sunset? They very well could. Our guess is that they win it but that the sunset is not quite here for Butch Cassidy Belichick and Sundance Kid Brady. We pick the Patriots in a close one, 34-30. And when it’s time to make YOUR pick for a new home, be sure to give us a call!

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