Courtney Dudek Homes: Meet Colin Dombek

Meet Colin.

The Back Story

Colin Dombek grew up in the Finger Lakes area, and has lived in Rochester 7 years, after graduating from SUNY Brockport with a degree in accounting. While his family lives all over the states: Texas, Florida, Arizona and New York, they maintain a special bond. He truly cherishes his family. An only child, he is extremely close to his dad and was even closer to his mom, his best friend, who passed away three years ago from cancer. He comes from a family of entrepreneurs,many in construction so he wanted to start a business since I was 12 years old.

Why Real Estate?

His entrepreneurial spirit, love of business, sales, talking to people, and desire to help them led Colin Dombek to a career in real estate. It came natural to him, and he soon saw a niche because there were so many people that he knew that he could help in his age range and demographic. He also believed this path could lead to being a great landlord, something he is very passionate about as he and his father own apartments.

What He Values About the Team

Colin values the love and support he gets from the team. He shares, “They always have my back personally and professionally. They want me to succeed for the rest of my life and nobody is selfish. They are all givers and great people. And, Courtney has a lot of real estate experience that she’s willing to share with me.”

What’s His Favorite Part About Living in Rochester?

Colin loves the seasons. To him, Rochester is a small town but with a big city atmosphere. The low cost of living and the very affordable price of real estate, make Rochester a great place to invest in real estate both as an owner and investor.

Where You’ll Find Him

Motivated, fun and energetic, you’ll find Colin out and about working out, golfing, being a great land lord, hanging out with family, making people laugh, thinking about business, having fun and being positive! He grew up on the lake in the summers, so he also loves swimming and boating. He favors any place with good burgers, any and every golf course, Cross Lake, the couch and the Finger Lakes visiting hometown friends. He’s always up to check out new restaurants and places, not only because he supports local businesses but also because he loves to try new food!

Colin Dombek is truly an asset to the Courtney Dudek Homes Team. His passion to help people achieve their real estate goals and his commitment to serve at the highest level make him an excellent choice to have by your side! Contact him today!

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