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They say the key to staying young is to never stop learning & to never stop growing.  Penfield Recreation has created a program designed to enable residents to do just that- to keep growing & learning!

DEAR stands for Daytime Education at Recreation, and they offer TONS of different programs for adults wanting to learn & discuss & discover.  You may have seen this recent article in the Democrat & Chronicle; showcasing history sleuths who gathered to explore events during the War of 1812.

There are a variety of actives offered each weekday- anything from learning a new skill, such as Euchre or knitting, outdoor events like canoeing, book discussions, and lunches.  There is truly something for everyone!!

Many lectures are free events, with an optional lunch for purchase before.  Other activities have a small fee for participation.

Join them next week as they get a little philosophical:

Dualism vs. Physicalism
The Philosophy of the Soul
Dualists believe that the soul is a separate
entity of the body and thus continues on
after the body can no longer contain it.
Physicalists believe the soul and the body
are one and when the body is gone the
soul goes with it. This dichotomy will be
the basis for conversation and offer an
opportunity for participants to voice their
points of view on the subject as well as offer
a comprehensive definition of both terms.
#443660-A 11/22 – 12/20
F – 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM (no class 11/29)
Penfield Community Center

Want to live in Penfield; a community that encourages learning?  Click here for more info.

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