DIY Holiday Crafts

The holidays are the perfect time of year to stay inside and get crafty, especially when you need gift ideas for friends and family. Prior to contrary belief, making a DIY craft for a loved one doesn’t mean your creation has to look like it’s held together by Elmer’s glue and uncooked macaroni. Homemade gifts are not only thoughtful but if they’re done right, they can be mistaken for something bought right off the shelf! Here are a few DIY holiday gift ideas that won’t take too much of your time and won’t break the bank.

Make a Sugar Scrub

The gift that keeps on giving! A DIY sugar scrub is an ideal gift for anyone, and it may be easier to make than you think. All you need are three ingredients: raw sugar, peppermint essential oils, and coconut oil. In a small mason jar, mix equal parts sugar and coconut oil together, mixing in three-four drops of peppermint oil as you mix(or add to until the scrub is at your desired strength). Once thoroughly mixed, tie a bow of ribbon or twine around the jar and voila!

Next Year’s Christmas Tree

What could be more budget-friendly than repurposing your own Christmas tree? Clip off a branch and plant it in a recycled aluminum can and finish it off by wrapping the can in burlap and a bow; you suddenly have a gift that would go for $10-$20 in the stores!

Cookie Cutter Tea Towels

This DIY is quite possibly the quickest and most simple of them all. Take a white linen tea towel and your favorite cookie cutters. Dip your cookie cutter in an acrylic paint of your choice and use your cookie cutter as a stamp on the tea towel. This gift is trendy, tasteful and something they will actually use!

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