Fall Housing Market Trends

Fall is officially here which makes now a great time to look at fall housing market trends. While some favor spring/summer to make a move, the fall market is traditionally strong and tends to bring out both serious buyers and serious sellers who want to be settled before the sn%* flies.

On a National Level:

Our team has been studying the market. Here’s what we found in fall housing martket trends from a recent article from CNBC:  Housing gives an overall snapshopt of the US and provides some key points to consider:

  • Consumer sentiment in housing did improve in August, according to a monthly survey from Fannie Mae, but only because of a big jump in the share of those who think mortgage rates will keep falling.
  • Fewer people think now is a good time to buy or sell a home, and fewer said they are not concerned about losing their job in the next year.
  • “I definitely think it has softened a bit,” said Kelley McMahon a Dallas-area agent with Compass. “It’s not a seller’s market right now. Now is not the time for sellers to put out these crazy prices. Appraisals have gotten a lot harder, and buyers are a little more cautious. They’re more willing to take their time.”

*source:  CNBC

Before panic sets in, let’s look a little closer. For months upon months, as far back as the eye can see,  the message was: “There is no inventory! Act now or you’ll miss out.”  We have been living in the land of delayed negoitations with all offers submitted on a certain date and time.   The “softening” we are seeing on a national level is buyers being a little bit more cautious.  They are not as concerned with rising interest rates and some believe that rates may actually decrease further. They are also taking a wait and see approach in terms of watching how the overall economy is trending.

On a Local Level

The truth is when it comes to real estate, Rochester is a follower, not a leader.  What we see nationally may only somewhat apply to our area.  We usually don’t experience the extreme highs and lows that other markets do.  In fact, a recent article suggests that if a recession were to occur, the Rochester Housing Market would fare well:

In determining the markets that will withstand a downturn, Redfin computed the downturn risk for the 50 largest cities across the country using the following metrics: median home sale price-to-household income ratio; average loan-to-value ratio of homes sold in 2018; home price volatility; home sales that are flips that sold twice within 12 months for a different price; diversity of local employment; share of the local economy dependent on exports; and share of local households headed by someone age 65 or older.

These factors were all weighted differently by Redfin, based on how likely each attribute was to contribute to a real estate market downturn.

Rochester had the lowest score of any market studied at 30.4 percent, followed by Buffalo at 31.9% and Hartford, Connecticut, at 33.9%.

*Source:  Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

What do all these numbers mean to you? We’re glad you asked. There appears to be a slight shift in fall housing market trends to a more stabilized market for buyers and sellers this fall which will provide great opportunities for those considering a move.  Your numbers will largely depend on where you live and/or where you would like to purchase.  If you have 30 minutes, we have the stats you need to make informed choices!  Contact us today! 

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