Here’s What’s Cooking: Down Payment Assistance

Hey there! The Courtney Dudek Homes Team is back with this month’s edition of Here’s What’s Cooking: Down Payment Assistance! We decided that life is short and some days it’s okay to eat dessert first. So what did we bake? These beautiful and bodacious white chocolate chip cranberry cookies with some help from our junior taste testing crew! (you’ll never guess the secret ingredient! #revealinnextblog)

Any tried and true baker will tell you that baking is a science and that the ingredients as well as the timing of when you add each really matters. If they tell you to chill the dough, you should. You can’t skip over important steps.

Believe it or not, the same is true for purchasing a home. Timing is everything and so is the order of each step in your purchase plan. We can explain your options and determine which recipe is right for you.

The truth is, you don’t need as much dough (#seewhatwedidthere) as you used to in order to make a home purchase. According to one of our trusted service providers, Mike Monile, from 1st Priority Mortgage, many sellers are offering down payment assistance. In addition, there are several programs to consider depending on the areas you are looking in, whether or not you have bought a home before or what you do for a living.

Understanding what your purchase power is and determining a mortgage range that you are comfortable with is a great first step. #preheattheoven We’ll work closely with you to make sure you have everything you need to succeed.

While inventory is lower, homes are still being sold to those who are ready. Preparation will meet opportunity. It’s just a matter of the right ingredients and the right timing. Contact us today, and let’s make a plan to make you a homeowner!

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