How To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolution

At the end of every December, we look forward to a fresh start to a new year. We create lists of new goals and how we are going to achieve them. Although setting a New Year’s Resolution is a healthy motivation for becoming a better version of yourself, there are plenty of ways that creating the wrong goal can provoke self-sabotage before the new year even begins. Here are some tips on how to set your resolution and what practices to avoid.

Just Pick One

The biggest mistake that most people make when setting a New Year’s Resolution is that the goal is too drastic. Sure, you might want to get into better shape in 2019, a common resolution amongst many of us that sounds great in theory. But if in order to achieve that goal your plan is to cut carbs, work out every day and drink more water, you’re already setting yourself up for a lot of pressure to change your entire lifestyle. Instead, ask yourself if the change is attainable, and scale it down to a measurable result that you can achieve without sacrificing too much. You’ll be more likely to make your resolution stick!

Don’t Be Too Vague

Goals with too vague of a measurement can often be difficult to stick with. Make sure the habits you need to change are clear so there is no question whether or not you are sticking to them. For example, don’t set resolutions like ‘saving money’ or ‘traveling more.’ Instead, create a financial plan for 2019 and monitor it throughout the year, or choose a destination and a date for when you want to visit that destination by.

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