Last-Minute Thanksgiving Hacks

Playing the host/hostess can be a rewarding experience, but the stress that can come along with all that responsibility to provide the perfect evening goes without mentioning. There are so many things to juggle, it’s hard to anticipate what exactly to look out for. That’s why we created this top-notch list of the Thanksgiving hacks that are going to take your hosting skills from okay to amazing.


Keep The Kids Busy

Need something to occupy time while you’re busy in the kitchen? Use kraft paper to set the table for the kids and scatter crayons as the centerpiece. Their imaginations will run wild on the paper instead of running wild through your house!

Quick Cooking Hacks

Forgot to warm the butter? Try using a cheese grater for ease when mixing it into a recipe.

Need more stove space? Use a thermos to keep gravy warm while you’re using the stovetop for the bigger stuff.

Trying to keep the kitchen clean while cooking? Stick a paper plate onto your hand-mixer to serve as a splash guard for those recipes that get a little messy!

Time Savers

If you’re not a big fan of cooking, even though you love to host, try switching things up this year by ordering a fresh turkey (and other yummy Thanksgiving staples) from Wegmans.

There’s no law that says you can’t use disposable dishes and cutlery when hosting a grand event. Going disposable will save you from spending your post-turkey food coma in the kitchen cleaning up everyone’s dishes so that you can spend more time entertaining!


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