One More Week in 1st Marking Period

Hey students & families of Penfield Central Schools; you have just one more week until the end of the first marking period!!  We hope everyone had a great first quarter; full of learning and friendship!!

If you are starting to get worried about those grades coming in, here are some tips to help you finish your first quarter well!

  1. Clean out your locker & book bag… you never know when you’ll find an assignment you forgot to hand in!
  2. Ask your teachers for your current standing; you don’t want any surprises when that report card comes home!
  3. If you are behind in a class, make it a point to talk to your teacher- many teachers will be willing to work with you to get you on the right track!
  4. If you have some overdue assignments, make it a plan to stay after school to finish them… you won’t be as distracted!
  5. Learn from your mistakes!  If this quarter isn’t ending the way you’d like, strive to do well next quarter!!

And good luck to all our Penfield Central School teachers getting ready to tackle report cards!!  Thank you for all YOUR hard work this quarter!!

Looking for a town with a great school district?  Penfield has top-rated public schools!  Contact us for more information.

Penfield is a lively town, located on the southern tip of Irondequoit Bay and just outside of the City of Rochester. Follow this blog to discover more of what our town has to offer; from great local businesses to awesome events, we'll cover it all!

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