Spring Decor Trends 2018

The transition to spring has finally blossomed, which means it’s time to pack up those flannel sheets and winter wreaths. After all, the best part about spring is a fresh start; we can finally look forward to bright colors and even brighter sunshine! It only makes sense that your home would reflect the positivity of the season too. It’s time to change things up with light and cheery colors! To make the decoration process easier, we did a little research and found the top three spring decor trends for 2018.

Mix & Match Neutrals

When it comes to making your home feel as tranquil as it is trendy, switching it up with different woods and metals gives your space a clean and natural vibe. Keep your color scheme minimal with natural shades such as white, blush, and beige. Incorporating different finishes of wood will also add a modern touch. Need a little bit more color in your life? Keep reading…

A Pop of Yellow

OK-so you’ve created the perfect, serene atmosphere with natural colors and wood/metal accents. You’re probably thinking at this point, “Well, this feels dull.” The big trend this spring is to let one color do all the talking, rather than a scheme of one or two. Nothing says ‘sunshine’ like a nice yellow accent to bring your room together as an ideal sunny escape. If yellow isn’t your thing, no worries-incorporating a light teal, bubblegum pink or bright lilac can give your home a bright feel as well!

Big, BIG Mirrors…

Let’s face it; natural light is all the rage right now. Aside from the fact that it’s convenient for taking the perfect selfie or Instagram post, it’s also a quick-fix for making your home feel more open, bright and welcoming. If you have a tricky layout that makes it hard for natural light to get into your house, well, naturally, a mirror may be in your future. Mirrors help draw in light and make your home feel twice as bright! Try playing around with a fun accent mirror to really create a conversation-starter.

Are you ready to find fresh space to decorate and make your own? Reach out to me today while the market is getting hot!

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