When Should You Start Spring Cleaning

We’re entering February Break for the K-12ers, a full month away from actual calendar springtime.  So is it too Spring Cleaningearly to get a jump on the spring cleaning, and if so when should you start spring cleaning?  Well, of course, the easy answer is that it’s never too early, but is it really feasible to get too deep into a cleaning project when you might literally be nailed by a bad blizzard or other weather events at any moment?  There definitely is a difference between cleaning, airing things out, and carrying refuse out to the garage or garbage bin when it’s 40 degrees or if it’s 11 degrees with a foot of snow to negotiate through every trip.


February can be deceiving – and this month in the Greater Rochester area is a good example.  There have been numerous forty and fifty degree days recently.  But don’t forget that some of the Spring Cleaningworst storms we’ve ever had – the infamous Ice Storm of 1991 and massive snow blitzes in 1993 (40-plus inches in three days); 1999 (23 inches in two days), and 2014 (15 inches in one day), all occurred in the first week or two of March.  So one of the first tips here is to check the long-term weather report (the 10-day forecast perhaps) before embarking on anything that is going to require a hefty dose of dragging things outside.


Spring Cleaning

Next, like any job you want to be done right, plan and prioritize rather than just jumping in and attacking a room or rooms that might have more fight in them than you think.  Visualize what you hope to accomplish and what your plans are for when the warm weather really hits.  Do you have painting projects or new appliances coming in?  Any dinner parties or sleepovers with the kids’ friends planned?  Use the answers to these questions to inform your decisions.  So whether or not you do decide to jump in right now or not, you’re doing it with a good strategy that will help you be more efficient in your efforts.  And since those kids are home from school, it is a good time to get them involved.  You don’t have to use up their precious vacation time with drudgery, but making a little quid pro quo never hurts.  The trip to the Strong Museum or a skating party can happen AFTER they put in an hour of cleaning.  Regardless of whether or not you embark on a full-scale cleaning jag or simply line your ducks up in a row, the end of February is definitely the time to at start pre-production on your cleaning even if you may not launch the full production yet.


Armed with your plan in hand – and maybe the plan includes a Swiffer Sweeper in hand too – you’re going to be poised to take on the winter detritus that has been accumulating for a few months.  You’re the General.  You now only need to find the right time to sound the battle cry!  Just a hint – the week of March 5 – 11th is actually National Spring Cleaning Week! Find some more tricks and tips of the trade!  And keep it clean!

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