The Best Father’s Day and High School Graduation Gifts 2015

Tis the season of summer celebration and it kicks off with Dads and Grads.  In an effort to save you time, so you can actually spend more of it with Dad and/or your favorite grad, we’ve put a list together of gift ideas and awesome adventures.  See what you think!


Under $50.00

It’s not that we don’t love DAD, he’s priceless!  It’s just that we believe that it really is the thought that counts, so we did a little research and came up with these ideas under $50.oo:

1. Travel Charger Kit  $29.99  from Sharper Image

Great for dads on the go, or to use whenever you need to!  Tell him you’re so grateful that’s always connected and  plugged in as a Dad!


Our Travel Charging Kit is a connected traveler’s dream, with three USB ports that allow you to charge up to three electronic devices at once using only one outlet.

2.  The Artican  $20.00 from Werd

While many beverages will work with this product, make sure you include Dad’s favorite beverage as part of the gift.



The Arctican puts a regular old foam coozie to shame. The design features 2-layers of vacuum insulated steel & an ice-filled “cooling core” that screws into the bottom keeping your 12 oz. bevvies 3X colder for 3X longer—up to 3 hours in the sun actually.


3. Sprout Watch $30.00  from Kohl’s, Amazon, JC Penney and Sprout

Let dad know how much you love spending time with him, with this cool watch.  And, bonus it’s eco-friendly.  They come in all colors and materials.  We just thought this cork one was wild!


Need more ideas, we’ve got you covered.


1.  Money


Let’s face it.  A high school grad really can use some cold hard cash.  Before you write the check and seal the envelope–why not add a little bit of pizazz?

a. Put the money in a keepsake box and wrap it.

b.  Do some money origami.

c.  Put the money in a piggy bank.

2.  An Alarm Clock that will get them out of Bed

Sometimes we could all use a little extra help starting the day.  And, it comes in different colors to match any dorm room decor!


This hilarious alarm clock is perfect for the grad who just can’t get out of bed. It runs around the room, beeping, until someone wakes up and turns it off—no snoozing allowed.


3.  A Netflix Account

netflixThe truth of the matter is that they will need a study break.  They’ll have access to shows on their own time schedule, which will reduce their stress even more and it will be a great opportunity to bond with other kids in the dorms and create their own series night!  The first month is free and who knows, they might watch a documentary!


Need more ideas, we’ve got them!

Depending on your grad or dad, you can mix and match these ideas.  The greatest gift however will always be the gift of spending time together.  RocParent has 4 great ideas, which include our very own Wickham Farms.  (When Dads bring their kids, Dad is free!)  What to do with your grad?  Let them sleep in and then take off for an upstate NY adventure.  Part of the fun is in the planning so start now!

What to live near your dad or  invest in rental property for  your grad? (Get pre-approved!) We can help!  Contact us today and enjoy  your celebrations!

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