Three Trendy Fall Decor DIY’s



Colder weather means more time spent indoors looking for activities to pass the time. Whether you’re a busy mother with children that need to be entertained, or you are looking for decorating your home on a budget, crafting is one of the simplest ways to keep your mind busy while being stuck indoors. Since it’s too chilly to lay in the sun, you might as well make your free time productive, right? Painting pine cones and carving pumpkins is a simple solution, but what if you could make crafts that double as trendy autumn decor for your home? Put down the Elmer’s glue and glitter; here are three trendy Fall decor DIY’s to get your house looking cozy and chic.

1.) Autumn Branch Wall Hanging: A large-scale wall decoration means large-scale money, right? Wrong. Meander into your backyard and grab the nearest stick (and stop at Marshall’s for some faux Fall leaves and transparent string) and voila! You have everything you need for a trendy wall hanging. Cut a piece of string (approx. 1 ft.), tie one end to the branch, and the other end to the leaf’s stem. Repeat until you’ve got a branch filled with hanging leaves; when this simple craft is complete, you’ll fall in love!

2.) Fall Leaf Lanterns: Let’s keep the leafy theme going, shall we? These Fall lanterns will look festive by day and set the stage for a cozy ambiance by night. What’s even better, the only materials you need to make the magic happen is a glass vase, a jar of Mod Podge, a foam brush and your leftover leaves from your new branch wall hanging. Paint a layer of Mod Podge onto your vase, stick the leaves onto the case (it’s OK if they overlap on top of each other a little bit), and paint one additional layer of Mod Podge on top. Once the vase is dry, the Mod Podge will become transparent; stick a tea-light or a small candle in your vase and your lantern is ready for its rightful spot on your mantel or end table!


3.) Yarn-Wrapped Pine Cones: This is the perfect craft for the not-so-crafty; all you need is some yarn, pine cones, and 5 minutes! It’s as simple as it looks: Starting at the bottom, tuck the end of the yarn into the pine cone and begin wrapping it around, overlapping the yarn two or three times until it fills the gaps in between the pine cone’s scales. Once you have filled the entire pine cone with yarn, simply cut the strand and tuck the end in as you did at the bottom. Repeat with a few pinecones in various colors of yarn–once you’re done, you’ve got the perfect filler for decorative bowls and vases throughout your home!

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