Your Guide to Cyber Monday 2018

Cyber Monday can be one of the best yet most stressful times of the holiday season. You’re stuffed with Thanksgiving food, recovering from the outrageous amount of cookies you consumed, your wallet is hurting from Black Friday shopping, AND you’re exhausted from cooking. All of that aside, one of the best feelings is sitting next to the fire with a blanket and your laptop, surfing the internet for those last-minute deals on Christmas gifts. If you’re planning on joining the fun this weekend, it’s smart to plan ahead and be as prepared as possible. Here are some things to remember when you start your Cyber Monday spree: online shopping

Make sure to do your research.

Check out your favorite stores first, and know ahead of time whether or not they will be having any sort of sale. You don’t want to waste time come Cyber Monday fishing through stores that don’t have any sales to offer!

Avoid paying for shipping.

There are so many companies who offer free shipping for the same products, especially on this particular day. Keep your eye out for your go-to stores that offer free shipping, and make those a priority!

Update your store accounts.

“With Cyber Monday, you are competing with the entire country. You have to be quick to get the top deals.” It’s important to make sure your personal and payment information is up-to-date, as these sections of check out might slow down the process, and you could lose limited-time offers.

Don’t miss out on credit card rewards.

There are several businesses who cater specific deals to their credit card holders, as well as hidden deals/points that come with a purchase. Look to see if any of the stores you have cards with are offering any deals that come with using the credit card. If you’re going to purchase from them anyway, you might as well get the extra bonus of doing so!

shopping black fridayDownload the app for hidden rewards.

Companies like Target and Amazon offer specific deals to those who use the mobile app instead of their website! Download the apps for your preferred stores and see if there are any special deals. Most apps for retail stores are completely free to download!

Avoid impulse shopping, and make a list first!

Know exactly what you are going into Cyber Monday looking for, and prioritize the things that you need or really want. Make a list, check it twice, and don’t get swept up in the traps of impulse shopping. Be prepared, and you got this in the bag!

Looking for the best places to find deals this Cyber Monday? Here is a list of the major deals going on this year, as well as some more tips on pre-purchase research.

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