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Spring Gardening Guide: Penfield, NY

Spring Gardening Guide

The weather in Rochester is finally reflecting warmer temperatures. It is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy it! Gardening is a great excuse to be outdoors and will also provide your family with fresh, home grown, fruits and veggies. There is nothing better than a fresh garden salad on a hot summer day with food…

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Penfield Memorial Day Guide

As we pause to honor those who have so valiantly sacrificed their lives next weekend, we are reminded how truly grateful we are for our freedom. We can choose where we live, what career we will pursue and spend time with those that matter most.  Please enjoy our updated  Penfield Memorial Day Guide.  Since many will be out…

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Lawn Care Tips 2017

The colder temps haven’t made lawn care easy, but it’s wise to get at it!  Investing time in your yard now will ensure that you have a healthy green carpet the rest of the spring, summer & into fall!  With a little planning, preparation & productivity, the grass can be greener!  Check out our revised Lawn…

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Penfield Housing Stats

First weekend of the month and time to take a look at what’s happening in real estate. Inventory remains low, as do the interest rates.  We are seeing a glimpse of more listings this past week so it looks like a more balanced market is on the way. Here’s what the Penfield Housing stats look like: Active…

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