3 Tips You Should Know When You Bring Your Dog Outside This Summer

This summer has been one for the record books, which means that we have been taking extra precautions to keep cool! Not only do we need to crank the A/C and lather up with SPF 50, but we need to make sure our furry friends are comfortable, too. It can be easy to forget that animals are much more susceptible to heat stroke if not properly taken care of, so make sure you are following these tips!

Keep Dogs Off The Pavement

It’s understandable to forget that, even though you have shoes on, your dog’s paws are feeling the heat from the summer pavement! Be sure to allow your pup to walk through grassy areas rather than the sidewalk, or buy a pair of doggy boots to protect their paws from burning!

Short Snout, Higher Risk of Heat Stroke

Did you know that dogs with a shorter snout are at a much higher risk of heat stroke because they cannot pant properly to reduce their body temperature? Although all dogs should always have plenty of fresh water within reach, make sure pup is in the shade; especially if they’re a pug, bulldog or another breed with a (cute, but short) snout!

Shaving Your Dog is Not The Answer

It might seem logical to shave your dog in order to cool them down, but a dog’s coat can actually serve as a layer that keeps the heat out. Feel free to trim your dog, (here’s our favorite grooming service in Penfield!), but sheering your pup is not the answer!

The best thing for a dog is fresh air, so make sure you follow these tips to keep your companion safe and happy. Looking for a home with a big yard to let your dog roam? We can help! Reach out today to see if your dream home is on the market!

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