Build the Best Snowman Ever

Creative Snow Sculptures

If you were brave enough to venture out after our latest bout with the #PolarVortex, you may have seen this amazing snow sculpture on Granger Avenue in the city! (#RebekahFord)

In many ways it was the perfect storm, not only for a traffic disaster, but for creating a masterpiece.  We have lived here long enough to know that even the mildest of winters will include a visit from Jack Frost.  So let’s make the best of it.

We have already shared our recipe for Snow Ice Cream.  Let’s take our snow game to the next level.  Yes, we really do what to build a snowman, but let’s raise the bar.  Check out this one at the 490 Interloop  (Yes, that’s the part they filled in) and then check Babble for more inspiration!

What’s that you say?  You’re all about the Snowman, you just don’t like the snow? We hear you.  How about these alternatives:

Paint Your Snowman



The Henrietta location of Painting with a Twist, just around the corner in Win Jeff Plaza, offers this masterpiece for artists of all ages.



Make A Snowman Out of Glass

You’ll have to act fast!  Only 2 weekends left to grab this great fella at Corning Museum of Science.


Make a Snowman Craft

You can work at your own pace because none of these materials will melt!  Here’s a sneak peak at 3 of the 24 ideas that has!


The good news is that you have options! Snow kidding, it’s the same with real estate.   Houses are like snowflakes and no two are exactly the same.  We hope you love where you live, but if you don’t, you can renovate or make a move.  With our trusted mortgage professional Mike Monile, we can give you the numbers you need to make the right decisions.  Contact us today and let’s get started.

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