Festive Fall Foliage Crafts

Depending on whether you’re asking a landscaper or a photographer, fall foliage can be known as a friend or a foe. The same goes for crafters who love a good, cheap DIY. One may think that crafters despise the foliage and its scenic hues of red and orange because of their temporary nature; preserving them in a quick craft seemed impossible: until now. We have dug through endless archives to bring you the answer when it comes to crafting with leaves and keeping them as bright and colorful as the day they fell from the trees in your backyard. After you read this enlightening article, you will have enough festive fall foliage crafts to last you through to Thanksgiving.


Waxed Fall Leaves: Looking to sprinkle leaves across your coffee table for a true freshly-fallen look? All you need is paraffin wax, a mini crock pot and an abundance of leaves. It’s as easy as one two three. Melt the paraffin wax in your crockpot until fully transparent, dip the leaves in the wax and set them on a sheet of wax paper to dry.


Leaf Candle Centerpiece: Now that you have prepped your fall leaves for an eternity of color, it’s time to craft! Take a candle, grab your leaves place them in the center of the candle. Wrap them securely with a burlap string and tie a bow at the center of the leaf. Do this with a few other candles of various sized and the next thing you know, you have a brand new centerpiece for your table that is sure to be a conversation-starter!

Leaf Garland: Simple, yet stunning! This one’s easy; all you need is a needle, thread, your leaves and the courage to sew without pricking yourself! By taking a thread of a dark-colored string (burgundy or red is preferred), and threading it through the bottom third of each leaf, you can create a festive garland that can be displayed on a mantel, wrapped around a staircase or even draped at the top of a doorway.



Can you picture these crafts displayed in your dream home? Let’s get in touch today and I can make you fall in love with the home you’ve always wanted!

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