Gardening in Small Spaces

It’s spring – no really, it is, despite what messages your shivering skin is sending to your frost-encrusted brain.  But look on the bright side (visualize the bright side for now until the real thing shows up): if you had a late jump on getting that garden started that you always wanted, you have a little extra time due to Mother Nature’s lackadaisical pace this year.   If you don’t have a lot of space – cramped apartment, small lot, a balcony without a lot of elbow room, don’t let it stop you. Here are some ideas for a garden when you don’t have ample room.

Oftentimes, the size of the plant or veggie you want to grow will dictate the space you need.  If you like cooking with herbs, you can grow your own, usually, in the space a kitchen affords you.  You can grow an entire herb garden for all intent and purposes on a pallet against a wall and a few potted plants on the kitchen windowsill.  Utilize your space by mixing the herb varieties in the same container. You can use the same shared space approach for a variety of vegetables, but be certain to read up to find out which ones can co-exist in harmony!  Of course, hanging plants are economical for space constraints and they usually add a nice visual presence to a studio apartment or small room. Railings make a decent hanging post and there’s almost always one or more available.  People are also using ladders these days, putting various plants on each step. The ladder can be distressed to give a nice rustic vibe or a metal one can supply an urban-industrial feel to space.

For your small outdoor plots, it also comes down to your choice of what to plant.  Choose wisely to preserve whatever square footage you have. Some of the suggestions for crops that are good to grow when space is a concern include the following: Hot peppers, chard, basil, eggplant, lettuce, tomatoes, mesclun, and pole beans.

There are a number of excellent options for your gardening needs in the Penfield area, including Gentles Farm, Broccolo Tree and Lawn, Thomas Landscape, and numerous others.  Here’s hoping you have a plentiful bountiful this spring, no matter how much soil you have to stretch your green thumbs in!

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