How to Host the Best Super Bowl Party Ever

There is no doubt that the 2018 Super Bowl LII is going to be a great one. With the Philadelphia Eagles playing the New England Patriots, we are going to have lots of family and friend rivalries! This can come with a lot of pressure for a great party, especially if you are hosting a big and passionate crowd. But, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Here is everything you need to host the best Super Bowl party ever.


If this isn’s the most important part of a Super Bowl party, then I’m not sure what is. This is one of the few times a year where aimlessly eating snacks and delicious cheesy dips is judgement-free, and absolutely encouraged. An awesome idea for your party is to incorporate lots of finger foods and small appetizers that people can quickly put on a plate and bring to the front of the TV so that they don’t miss the action. Here are some favorites:

Looking for more recipes? Here are 54!


One of the best ways to avoid conflict (because being the party host is enough), make sure to decorate the house according to the teams involved. This is especially awesome when you have a mix of fans attending. To make it even funnier, you could divide your living space, or wherever the game will be watched, into two separate “cheering sections.” You can get mini flags, colored streamers, team napkins and/or plates, colored pom-poms, and so much more. Make the environment all-inclusive, and extra fun.


One of the best parts of the Super Bowl are watching the array of awesome commercials. This is one of the most watched television broadcasts throughout the whole year, so getting your businesses commercial to air is going to need some serious humor and/or emotional appeal. This is why they are usually the BEST commercials you ever see! To make things interesting, rate the commercials as a group and keep a tally of what businesses and what commercials you liked best. As if fighting over the teams wasn’t enough! ?

Honestly, this is all you need for a great Super Bowl Party. Supplying your home for this event is gracious enough, but incorporating the best foods, the best of both teams, and getting the whole family involved in commercial fun is going to set you apart from every other party, ever. You got this!

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