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Last Minute Holiday Gifts 2016

christmas-1078274_960_720You’re making a list and checking it twice!  You’ve found out you’re naughty and not nice—because there are still a few people you can’t think of a gift for and then there’s someone you just plain forgot!  You’ve already blown your budget. Remain calm and shop on.  Check out these great ideas in our revised guide of last minute holiday gifts.

1.  Consider getting crafty

I know, it sounds crazy, but there are plenty of ideas out there that honestly don’t look that complicated or expensive.  This year’s ideas come from  We think #8 and #12 require a little more leg work and talent than the others, but all of these are great and there is still plenty of time to get these gifts in Santa’s sack.


2. Consider a gift that costs nothing but means everything.

We’re not talking about making a coupon book for chores around the house.  We’re taking our game to the next level with creative ideas that will make Christmas merry and bright.  Here’s 3 we loved:

concerta. Get Cultured- do some research and find out what galleries are featuring new exhibits, or what seasonal festivals/concerts are free and have a night on the town.

b.  Make a personal playlist:  How meaningful to put together a list of songs you have shared together and/or songs that put your feelings into words!

c.  Create a Video-  Our cell phones are movies in the making. Create a commercial, nominate them for an award, or just tell them why they mean so much to you.

Marie Claire has even more ideas, see which ones will work!

3.  Consider Thoughtful Last Minute Gifts Under  $20

It’s not about spending a lot of money, it’s about finding something thoughtful or creating a way to spend time together or keeping each other safe!   All of these gifts are under $20 dollars and they represent some of the latest trends. This year we’ve found some great ideas from Woman’s Day.  Some of these gifts made need to be ordered online so act now, like today, to avoid costly overnight fees!

4.  Consider your Local Gift Shop!

There’s a reason we call it local!  You just need to make a quick mad dash and you’re there!  In Penfield, we love the Enchanted Rose Garden.  If you can’t find something in there that floats your boat, then your boat doesn’t float.  Boot cuffs, jewelry, hostess gifts, ornaments and more!

If a new home is at the top of your gift list, we can assist with that too!  Our mortgage partner Mike Monile can help you find a mortgage that’s merry and bright and we can find the perfect home to hang your stocking! Contact us today!

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Courtney Dudek Licensed Real Estate Salesperson


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