Last Minute Valentines Day Dates 2018

Last Minuet Valentines Day DatesAs each date on the calendar slides by, you have a growing sense of dread that you’re forgetting something important.  But what can it be?  February 7th, February 8th, February 9th…The gnawing suspicion won’t go away…you begin to think it is connected to the multitude of hearts and Cupids and kisses you see and hear on computer banner ads and radio spots and television commercials… The days keep slipping by February 10th, February 11th, February 12th

On February 13th it hits you!  It’s Valentine’s Day…no, not next week…not in a few days…it’s TOMORROW!  You have managed to outdo your usual level of cluelessness this year!  What to do!  Get a reservation at a good restaurant?  That’s a joke!  Do the mundane flowers or candy?  Haw-hum.  Throw yourself on the mercy of the court and plead busy beyond belief and you just plain forgot that it was Valentine’s Day!  No!  It’s time to use the deep well of ignorance that you possess to your advantage!  Pretend that you had something off-the-grid of normalcy planned that you were just chomping at the bit for months to share with your significant other and that you could barely contain the surprise.

Now…what is that surprise?  Well, here are a few suggestions.  Almost every survey ever was taken shows that the number one attraction that people look for in a partner is the ability to make them laugh – so why not enjoy some chuckles for Valentine’s Day!   Yes, the restaurants are booked, but there might be some comedy clubs open.

Last Minuet Valentines Day Dates

Another romantic idea that can give you more street cred than the most expensive restaurant – if you pull it off right – is to take care of EVERYTHING for your significant other.  Do ALL the cooking.  Pour ALL the wine.  Mix ALL the drinks.  Do ALL the dishes.  The only thing that you let your sig other do is pick the movie that you watch – and you don’t hem and haw until they change their mind and compromise on a movie.  You watch whatever your other heart desires and you do it perfectly contented from opening to closing credits!

For the gamers out there – and videos aren’t a male-only pastime – have a game night where you each mix and match some of your favorite video games, new or old school.  A variation on this is to play some board games.  Pulling out beloved games – “Trouble” or “SORRY” or “Operation” – that you enjoyed as a kid can make a fantastic night.  Going down memory lane can stir up feelings that put you in the best mood that you may not have had in some time.  (Just make sure you weren’t one of those kids who ended every game by throwing the board across the room in frustration or your significant other might night not love this idea.)

Another idea on the old school theme?  Put the cable television on the Music Stations or hook up your iTunes or Pandora or YouTube Red and have yourself a ‘80s or ‘90s or 2000s jam night or dance night or sing-along – or a mix of all of them!  If you prefer, just go to your favorite neighborhood Karaoke bar and sing the greatest and sappiest love songs ever written.  It’s Valentine’s so you get a pass on all of it!

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