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June is the season for graduations — or at least some of the graduation parties for the college grads.  Whether it’s a high schooler or college graduate you’re celebrating, here are some suggestions.  Of course, just like any other gift-giving event, the cost and utility of the present depends a lot on your relationship with the graduate.  Parents and grandparents are often trying to help the grad out with some practical (and often expensive) items that will help them at their next stage of life: a laptop, appliances, or clothes.  Others — friends, siblings, or cousins — may be looking for more of a sentimental gift to commemorate the times they’ve shared.  And oftentimes gift-givers may look for a combination of each.

A plaque with a classic quote from literature or philosophy can be impactful and one that may be cherished for a lifetime.    The Dr. Seuss ‘Oh The Places You’ll Go’ theme is beloved by many, but there are endless options, especially if you find a company that will customize a plaque for you.


As noted, a grad on his or her way to college can often benefit from a Chromebook or some kind of laptop, while the grads leaving college probably have put their own laptop or iPad through a lot of report writing and coffee spills and are ready for an upgrade.  Another idea that you can rarely go wrong with is a high-quality travel bag of some kind.  The road is always ahead of graduates in some way, shape, or form, and the old ‘Hello Kitty ‘ backpack that they’ve cherished for many years has to go sooner than later at this point!

Money has never gone out of style as a gift — and in this day and age, it certainly seems to be gaining momentum as a present of choice.  But at least the gift card does offer the chance to give a form of a monetary offering while personalizing it a touch by letting the recipient know that you’re aware that they are a big fan of Cabela’s, or that they love the movies, or going to Old Navy, or Barnes & Noble or where have you.  Furthermore, people have been getting very creative with the presentation of good old cold cash, too.  Wreaths and money necklaces are just a couple examples of alternatives to the stagnant-by-comparison money holder cards.


Other solid ideas are good coffeemakers, Amazon Echos, jewelry, or an Instant Pot that is a pressure cooker, a slow cooker, a rice cooker, a yogurt maker and more all in one appliance!  This can come in very handy when space is at a premium — like it almost always is in the case of a first apartment or a dorm room!


Whatever you decide on for your graduate, be sure that it will most probably go to good use because we were all there at one point and we all could use just about everything that came our way!  Feel a sense of accomplishment for your graduate and most likely for yourself, too!  Almost every success in this world is built with the help of others, friends and family alike!  Are you looking to start a new chapter in your life with a new home? Contact me today! 


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