Rochester New York in Bloom! Here’s A Guide to What to Buy and When to Plant!

Everything’s coming up roses or so the saying goes but in our neck of the woods, it’s coming up lilac!  As we speak the festival has kicked off and the festivities have begun.  It’s an 8 day celebration, so use this guide and plan your lilac adventure.

Speaking of planning, it’s almost warm enough to plant or buy some beautiful flowers which will go along way in helping us forgive winter!  The challenge is when you go to one of our fabulous garden stores in Rochester, it all looks good.  “Look at this beautiful carpet of color” you exclaim, “can’t wait to add a splash of color to the landscape.”  Not so fast, my green thumb friend!  There’s a few factors to take into consideration like sun, shade, soil, pruning, annuals, perennials and such.  Here’s the good news: we’ve got plenty of resources to help!

What and When to Plant

Where to Buy

Rochester has a great selection of garden centers in every area of the county!  Here are 3 of our picks (west, city, east):

The Garden Factory

gardenfactoryThey have a huge inventory, but it’s constantly changing so if you do your research online, make sure to give a call and see if the flowers are in stock.

The Public Market

flowercityFlower City Days at the Market start this Sunday, Mother’s Day from 8:00 am to 2 pm. Grab your mom and come add the “WOW”  you’ve been looking for. (See what we did there?  WOW is actually MOM upside down!) However, you look at it, a great day is in store!

Grossman’s Garden and Home

Not only can you pick up some beautiful flowers, you can attend events and workshops to make your green thumb even greener.  Need some extra help?  You can always work with a designer or consultant or schedule a house call!

Speaking of houses, flower containers can be just what the doctor ordered to add to your curb appeal.  It’s a quick fix that can make a difference to any entrance!  If you are looking for more curb appeal techniques and/or would like to find a new place to bloom, we can help!  (And so can our trusted mortgage professional, Mike Monile!) Have a beautiful Mother’s Day and enjoy Rochester in bloom!


  1. zemackrealestate on May 8, 2015 at 1:51 pm

    What a wonderful post. Happy Planting from Massachusetts!

    • rocrealtor on May 15, 2015 at 10:41 am

      Thank you so much!

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