Rochester’s Latest: The Swan Dive

In the name of foodies everywhere, we decided to put one of the latest restaurants in Rochester to the test. Swan Dive, located on Alexander Street downtown, is nothing short of an Insta-worthy slice of Key West right in the heart of Western NY. Although we didn’t completely delve into the entrees(yet; we’ll be back for sure!), our visit included a sampling of appetizers paired with some cocktails. Let’s dig in, shall we?

First up at Swan Dive; drinks. It only seemed right to start with a fruity drink at a bar where the staff is wearing Hawaiian button-down shirts, so we chose the drink special. Do we remember what was in it? Not a shot. Was it delicious? let’s just say it surpassed our expectations. We also took a leap of faith by ordering a jackknife; the drink that is made custom to you based on your preference of alcohol and flavor. The result was a latte-esque gin sour shaken with an egg white and, needless to say, we were smitten at first sip.


Sipping on such tasty creations stirred up an appetite, so we decided some appetizers were in order. When it comes to the food menu, there’s a little something for everyone; but don’t expect to maintain your healthy, low-carb diet. They’ve got all the staples, AKA a list of pizza options are far and wide as the eye can see. However, some other options include burgers, organic chicken parm, caesar salad and mozzarella sticks just to name a few.

We ordered the Papalee’s Meatballs and Organic Chicken Cutlet to split between two people, and the portions were as perfect as baby bear’s porridge. The chicken cutlet was the perfect balance of savory, breaded chicken and refreshing greens. The meatballs had just enough spice and were garnished with basil and parmesan.

Overall, the light and cheery, minimalist atmosphere and just-filling-enough food at Swan Dive made us two very satisfied foodies. Although we did not get a chance to venture into the upstairs seating area, the main floor was booming with customers and the walls echoed with conversation. We’d recommend this place to anyone looking for tasty drinks in a young atmosphere.


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