Spring Planting Guide 2016 and Summer Camp Fair

tulip-683989_960_720Hello Penfield!  It’s that time again! Time for Spring!  It’s really going to come, so let’s prepare!  See, we live in the land of ice, snow and the nasty polar vortex, so spring really starts in our mind.  If we think it, it will come!  Let the sunshine in! We’ve updated our Spring Planting Guide 2016, so you’ll be ready.

Speaking of the sun, it’s key to all of that photosynthesis business that helps the plants grow and you can actually start planting now, indoors that is.   Follow this handy Penfield Planting Guide from the Farmer’s Almanac.   If gardening really is your gig, why not consider being part of the Penfield Victory Garden on Baird Road.  Check out the latest edition of their newsletter, The Sprout.   

road-rant-potholes-woodland-08035e5baebbad77And, nothing says Spring is on its way like potholes.  So, let’s mentally prepare, that sooner or later we might hit a bump in the road.  In fact, if you really want to be prepared, you can check the Tracking Potholes database for our region, and just in case you discover one that no one else has, you can also report potholes.

girls-462072_960_720Not only is it time to start thinking Spring, it’s time to start thinking Summer.  There is a Summer Camp Fair at Eastview Mall this Sunday, that you don’t want to miss!  Representatives will be there from over 70 camps.   And, as long as you’re headed out to the mall, you can save time and find the sales faster with the Eastview Mall mobile app!

If you currently own a home, you might want to read through some of these home maintenance tasks  for spring.  If a move is in your future this Spring, or anytime this year, to take advantage of the great mortgage programs and low interest rates, it’s best to prepare now as well.  Be pre-approved, rather than pre-qualified.  Our trusted mortgage professional, Mike Monile can help with this great guide.

twitter-iconIn the meantime, keep thinking Spring!  In face, do you hear that?  It’s the birds chirping!  No, wait, it’s Dudek Real Estate tweeting!  Be sure to follow us on Twitter!  Contact us today for relevant home and community resources!

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