Weekend What to Do

Hey Penfield!!

Are you a snow lover or a snow hater!?  

Whether you like it, or hate it… winter is just getting started here in Penfield!  And boy did Jack Frost hit us hard this week!!  Take a break this weekend, and get out and enjoy a little of the fluffy white stuff!  Here are some fun ideas for a day of fun in the snow!!

For the kids & family:

  1. Blow some bubbles!!  When the temperature is bellow 32, your soapy suds will freeze!!
  2. Fill some spray bottles with water and a few drops of food coloring- spray paint in the snow!!!
  3. You can’t beat the classic snowman, but why not try to create a different kind of snow creature?  Snow dinosaur or a whole snow zoo of animals!!
  4. Have a magnifying glass?  Check out some snow flakes up close and notice how each one is different!!

For the grown-ups:

  1. Check out these recipes for hot cocktails… put some in a travel mug, and take a winter stroll together!
  2. Playing in the snow isn’t just for the kids… get out and make an angel or have a snowball fight!
  3. Get out the camera and take some pretty snow shots!
  4. Give yourself a break from the shoveling!  Enlist the kids to help… or better yet, find a neighborhood teen who will be willing to dig you out for a few bucks!  Stay inside and enjoy an afternoon off!!

What do you do to enjoy the snow?

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