What It Takes To Be Minimalist

How nice would it be to sort through your old things and only keep the items that are absolutely necessary? Articles, biographies and even Netflix documentaries are flooding U.S. pop culture and breaking down exactly what it takes to live only off of the essentials. This is known as living ‘minimalist,’ and we’re about to break down the pros and cons of what it means to start fresh and live simply.

Defining ‘Minimalism’

Being minimalist is more than just cleaning out the junk drawer in your kitchen. It’s a lifestyle change. It’s simplifying your life to feel free from materialism and to ultimately lead a happier life. A great source for hearing about this lifestyle straight from someone who practices it is The Minimalists: two bloggers/podcasters that will give you the rundown on the perceptions of minimalism versus its reality.

The Pros

It can be subjective to the experience of each person, but the ultimate goal of this lifestyle change is a life better lived, such as living in the moment, creating more and consuming less, reclaiming time and discovering more of a purpose in life outside of the confines of consumerism.

The Cons

Minimalism can certainly have its difficulties. Our society and culture are sculpted around the idea of appreciating nice things, so to break that stereotype and live on only what is necessary can lead to ethical conflict. For example, buying gifts for others can lead to a tug-of-war between purchasing what others want, and purchasing what you may think they need. There is a large gray area in minimalism when it comes to following a checklist of how to live this way, but ultimately you should live this lifestyle the way that serves best for you.

How to Get Started

Do we have you convinced that this is the right move for you? One way to test your minimalist willpower is by trying to live off of only 30 articles of clothing (socks and underwear included!). If you can successfully keep this routine, minimalist may be for you!

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